By way of introduction...

The following is a work in progress, a public draft. Call it an exhuberance of echoes on Aimé Césaire and innominate text for now.

I. Chapters

  1. Prelude (draft)

    the new philologists ◇ dementians ◇ all text ◇ nebula ◇ dedication
  2. Restoring mirrors (draft)

    speculative staging ◇ revolution rising ◇ Toussaint king ◇ the scaffold
  3. You will assimilate to me

    a culture of reprint in wartime copywrong ◇ three and a half clues ◇ Breton, then Queneau
  4. A ghost poem (draft)

    high noon ◇ sunset
  5. Legology 101

    sequence unbound ◇ the poor man's fuzzy matcher ◇ innominate text ◇ 77 red balloons

II. Speculative Editions

  1. Revolution rising

  2. Toussaint king

  3. The scaffold

  4. Le grand midi

III. Works Cited